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Membership Packages

Choose the package option that suits you best. You can also get to know Metahome24 through our test package. If you have any questions, please register free of charge as an agent or agency so that we know who you are. We will be happy to give you tips on how you can sell your properties faster and at a good price without additional costs.

Important notice: Start-Up Program This program is for startup companies only. This program is valid until the company is 12 months old. If the company is in its first year of incorporation, it can participate in this program for up to 6 months beyond that. After that, the company incurs the regular costs. The startup pays 15% of the brokerage commission received. This fee covers all advertising costs of This fee is only due after the broker has been paid by the customer.

Important notice:
As a customer, we provide you with a CRM system free of charge, with which you can work alone or in a team.
You can use it to make evaluations that show you how often your properties are visited and how the market price of the property is developing in the region.

Start-Up Program
  • Time Period: 1 month
  • Properties: 500
  • Featured Listings: 15
  • Time Period: 1 month
  • Properties: 15
  • Featured Listings: 10
  • Time Period: 1 month
  • Properties: 500
  • Featured Listings: 25

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